How much do tattoos cost?

We probably get this question more than any other question.  It's like asking, "How much do cars cost?".  At TCT, our shop minimum is $100, and that is for something relatively small, and they go up from there. Tattoos are priced depending on many factors involved in completing the work. Factors such as size, placement on the body, color or black and grey, and detail are all taken in to account when our professionals price your design. If the tattoo is something that we can do in one sitting, it will be priced by the piece. Being a custom tattoo shop, most of the large pieces that we do are tattooed on an hourly basis. Our hourly rate is $150 per hour. Sleeve tattoos, and back-pieces can usually take many hours to complete. These types of tattoos are broken up into many smaller sessions over the course of months, and sometimes even years. They are a commitment, but the end result is always more than worth it. There is an old saying in the tattoo industry to consider if you are looking to bargain shop for a tattoo. "Good tattoos are not cheap, and Cheap tattoos are not good."

Do tattoos hurt?

Everyone I've tattooed handles pain differently. I've had tiny old ladies never even flinch, and big dudes whine the entire time. The short answer is, Yes. They do hurt, but they are in no way excruciatingly painful. There are certain areas on your body that will tend to hurt worse than other areas. If the pain was horrible, no one would have a tattoo. In my experience, the first few minutes of a tattoo are the often worst.  Then your body has the amazing ability to just get used to the sensation. 

Is it safe?

Our shop, as well as all of artists at TCT are licensed to perform body art by the Gwinnett County Heath Department. In order to be licensed we are required to be trained in both basic first-aid, as well as performing procedures using the aseptic technique, to prevent the spread of blood borne pathogens. All of our equipment is either pre-sterilized single use disposable, or auto clave sterilized.

How old do I have to be to get a tattoo, or body piercing?

The state of Georgia requires that you be at least 18 to receive a tattoo. We cannot tattoo you even with parental consent, unless you are 18 years old, or older. The city of Duluth, Ga also forbids anyone under 18 years of age to enter a Body Art establishment, therefore we cannot pierce anyone under 18 either.

Can I bring my own design?

We are a custom tattoo shop and prefer to speak with you, and have one of our talented artists complete a design that is unique for you. That being said, you can always bring a design, or whatever reference material that you have to aid us in the design process. If you already have a specific design completed and ready to tattoo we will tattoo it for you as long as the image is able to be tattooed. We will not however, copy someone else's original tattoo artwork from the internet. 

Should I take anything to help?

No. Your body's natural mechanism to deal with the small amount of pain involved in the tattooing process is far better than anything you can take. We discourage the use of any kind of numbing agent as well. In some cases using a numbing cream can actually cause swelling or problems during the healing process. Do not drink any alcohol, or take drugs before we tattoo you.