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From the time Jeff received his first tattoo, he was hooked. He knew immediately this was what his life's calling was to do. After persistently pursuing an apprenticeship, he got his chance to break into the tattoo world in 1995. Jeff began tattooing with Deano Cook at Psycho Tattoo when it opened its doors, during what some would call the boom of the tattoo industry. Constantly evolving, and possessing an incredible artistic talent, Jeff excels in all styles of tattooing, but prefers to tattoo in the illustrative, Neo-traditional or American Traditional styles. His bold colors and beautiful original illustrative designs stand out amongst a crowd of the same old thing, always finding a new and unique spin.  His bold back piece and sleeve designs can be read across the room. He can cover-up just about anything (within reason). Jeff is always pushing the creative envelope and always growing and innovating in the ever changing world of tattooing. If you'd like to book a consultation or an appointment with Jeff hit the contact link or give us a call to get the ball rolling!