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Shane began tattooing in 2006 after leaving the Marine Corps.  He has always had a passion for art. He was exposed to the tattoo world at very young age from his Dad's close friend, Ernie Gosnell. He was enamored by the art since then. With the slight nudge of his wife and a few close friends, he began tattooing his friends on a whim. After realizing that this particular medium of art was like nothing he had ever experienced, he decided to put everything into tattooing,  Ernie introduced Shane to Painless Paul Nelson which would forever change his life. In early 2007 Shane began an apprenticeship with Paul. Paul taught Shane to respect the culture and history of where the world of tattooing has come from. In 2009, Shane finally began tattooing full speed and has never looked back. In 2014, Shane, opened Terminus City Tattoo, with the goal to create an environment for artists to come and work, and develop their style with the freedom to be who, and to develop a style tattooing what they want to do.  Shane's versatile style can tattoo designs of all kinds but his favorite things to tattoo until now has always been bold colorful illustrative designs. As of late, Shane has begun leaning more towards, color and black and gray realism and portrait tattoos. With a undying love for horror, He loves to tattoo horror and sci-fi imagery of all kinds. If you want to get tattooed by Shane, hit the contact link or give us a call and let us set you up with a consultation today!